Online Resources for Salary Information

Finding a job can be a challenge, especially when you’re entering a new career.   Once you’ve found a job or jobs to apply for, the question arises:  how much should you expect to be paid?  

A good first step is to “... Read more

Finding a job in biotech, step II: Building your network

This article is the second in a series on finding a job in biotechnology. 

One of the greatest benefits of attending a community college program in biotechnology or biomanufacturing is that you get to meet other people who are interested... Read more

Finding a job in biotech, step 1: creating an on-line resume

This article is part of a series on finding a job in biotechnology. 

You worked hard as a biotechnology / bioscience / biomanufacturing student. You made solutions and media, ran gels, purified proteins, cloned DNA, cultured cells, and did... Read more

Teaching with biotech-careers

Julie Reis, a National Board Certified Science Teacher from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco, CA, recently told us how she uses for a student career search activity.  Students follow her directions, complete the... Read more

Finding an internship: on-line searches

Doing an internship is an important first step in a biotechnology or bioscience career.  Internships provide a way to get work experience, give you a chance to learn and practice new laboratory techniques, and make you connections with other... Read more

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Why have we built this site?

Our goal is to serve students and others who are are considering biotech careers by providing information about the careers in the biotech industry that do not require advanced degrees.

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