Business Areas - Job Areas - Careers

Biotech companies range in sized from startups that employ a few individuals to large multinational organizations that employ tens of thousands to over 100 thousand individuals. Similarly, companies can have a singularly focused business activity to several divisions with each one focused on one or more business areas. Job areas follow a similar pattern. Some kinds of jobs are specialized for a particular business area and other jobs, such as those related to documentation or quality control broadly support many business areas. This page shows how different terms that describe business areas, job areas and careers could interrelate. The word clouds use size and color to indicate how often a particular term is used. Working definitions are as follows:

  • Business Area = The kind of work, or area of investigation performed a company
  • Job Area = The  kind of work that is performed to support a business area
  • Career Area = How a career can be developed for different jobs and business areas 

Business Areas

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