Point-of-Care Diagnostics Employers

Point-of-care testing is what it says. To have the ability to make a diagnosis on the spot. Tests are packaged into devices that can be used in doctors offices and (or) in the home. Learn more at the  Point-of-Care Technologies Research Networ ( POCTRN).

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Research Associate Jobs at Biotech Startups
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Director Manufacturing Operations
Fred Hutch - Seattle, WA
Working under the direction of the Sr. Administrative Director of Therapeutic Products Program (TPP) Operations, the ...
Director Process Development
Fred Hutch - Seattle, WA
Reporting to the Sr. Director of Therapeutics Products Program (TPP), the TPP Process Development (PD) group supports ...
Biotech Course Developer
Biotility - Alachua, FL
Course Developers create an in-depth PowerPoint presentation on their area of expertise, as well as test questions that ...
Exam Item Writers
Biotility - Alachua, FL
Exam Item Writers help Biotility create topical and relevant questions for our national, industry-recognized ...
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