AntiRadical Therapeutics

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Antiradical Therapeutics (formerly SynZyme Technologies LLC) is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing drugs for the treatment of life threatening disruption of blood flow.  SynZyme's platform technology of catalytic caged nitric oxide (cNO), aka nitroxide, has enabled the development of drugs that enhance blood flow in critical organs and treat the toxicity of acute hemoglobin release, excessive superoxide production and nitric oxide depletion. Based on years of research, SynZyme has developed a drug pipeline of cNO modified macromolecules, in particular albumin and hemoglobin, as multifunctional neurovascular protective, hemodynamic stabilizing and antioxidative drugs for unmet medical needs in critical care medicine. With these drugs, SynZyme is targeting major medical conditions including stroke, traumatic brain injury, haemorrhagic shock and sickle cell disease.  

Sioux Falls SD
United States
Rosseau ON