Highline Laboratories

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Highline Labs, LLC is an innovative medical laboratory located in Charlotte, NC and servicing the U.S. We are committed to helping healthcare professionals provide their patients with market-leading, personalized medical solutions in a highly compliant and ethical manner.

What is personalized medicine?

Personalized medicine is an emerging field of medicine that uses diagnostic tools to identify specific biological markers, often genetic, to help assess which medical treatments and procedures will be best for each patient. By combining this information with an individual’s medical records and circumstances, personalized medicine allows for healthcare providers to:

  • Shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention
  • Direct the selection of optimal therapy and reduce trial-and-error prescribing
  • Help avoid adverse drug reactions
  • Increase patient adherence to treatment
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reveal additional or alternative uses for medicines and drug candidates
  • Help control the overall cost of health care
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