Marshall University Genomics Core Facility

Business Area(s): 

The MU Genomics and Bioinformatics cores provide centralized genomic, bioinformatic and biostatistical services to investigators at universities and colleges throughout the state. The Genomics Core currently provides five services to research programs and individual investigators:

  1. high throughput next generation sequencing (NGS) to support whole genome, whole exome, RNA-Seq, single cell RNA-Seq, microbiome and global chromatin and methylation studies
  2. biostatistical and bioinformatic support for NGS projects
  3. access to DNA/RNA sequence analysis software
  4. automated Sanger DNA sequencing, genotyping and RNA/DNA quality assessment
  5. access to shared instrumentation such as plate readers, real time thermal cyclers, Agilent Bioanalyzers, fluorimeters, and spectrophotometers
BBSC Room 218
Huntington WV
United States