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Organization City Business Area(s) Description
Be Biopharma Cambridge Antibodies, Cell Therapies Be Bio is developing engineered B cells as a new category of cellular medicines.
RayzeBio San Diego Cancer Therapeutics, Radiochemicals RayzeBio is focused on improving outcomes for people with cancer by harnessing the power of targeted radioisotopes.
Gel Company San Francisco Reagents, Lab Supplies, Instrumentation Provide genomcis and proteomics replacement parts and accessories.
Genesis Therapeutics South San Francisco Artificial Intelligence, Drug Discovery, Small Molecules They combine deep neural networks, biophysical simulation, and massively scalable computing infrastructure to generate molecular property prediction.


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
NSF International Dutch Harbor Regulatory Consulting Founded in 1944, NSF International's mission is to protect and improve global human health.
Denali Biotechnologies Homer Nutritional Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Natural Products The company produces nutritional supplements from wild Alaskan berries.
CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories Palmer Pathology CellNetix provides comprehensive subspecialty clinical and anatomic pathology services, operates premier anatomic pathology laboratories, and offers complete pathology laboratory services at its


Organization City Business Area(s) Description
Athens State University Athens Education Athens State University is a 2-year university teaching over 3,000 students with over 50 different degree programs.
Aptalis (Allergan) Birmingham Small Molecules Small Molecules
Assurance Scientific Laboratories Birmingham Molecular Diagnostics, Toxicology, COVID-19, EUA Specialize in molecular and toxicology assays and technology. COVID-19: Molecular test, EUA (05/2020)
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Birmingham Small Molecules, Rare Diseases, COVID-19 BioCryst develops drugs to treat rare diseases. Galidesivir (BCX4430), an anti-viral drug developed by BioCryst is being tested for activitiy against a wide range of pathogens including coronavirus.
BioGx Birmingham Assays, Lab Supplies, Reagents, COVID-19 BioGX develops molecular products and provides partner-specified formulation and manufacturing services for molecular reagents on a platform of a partner’s choice. The company applies its proprietary
Circulogene Theranostics Birmingham Liquid Biopsy Circulogene's “liquid biopsy” is based on the discovery that as tumors grow, they also die, releasing their DNA into the bloodstream. Circulogene's liquid biopsy tumor DNA sequencing is the only test
DiscoveryBioMed Birmingham Drug Discovery custom human cell engineering and_human cell-based drug discovery
Evonik Industries Birmingham Biomaterials Biomaterials
Gem Pharmaceuticals Birmingham Small Molecules Anthracyclines for Cancer, Inflammation & Infectious Diseases
Southern Research Birmingham Non-profit, Research, Drug Discovery, Drug Development, COVID-19, Vaccines Southern Research (SR) is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, scientific research organization with more than 400 scientists and engineers working across four divisions: Drug Discovery, Drug
SouthernBiotech Birmingham Antibodies, Reagents SouthernBiotech is dedicated to the development, production, purification, conjugation, and commercialization of the world’s highest quality antibodies for research use.
University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham University UAB has transformed from its modest beginnings as an extension center into a doctoral research university and academic medical center
Bonenta (Agenta) Cahaba Heights Regenerative Medicine, Bone drug-eluting synthetic bone grafts
Rheumatology Associates of Northern Alabama Florence Clinical Research Clinical Research
GeneCapture Hunstville Diagnostics, Microbiology GeneCapture is developing a portable instrument to screen for hundreds of pathogens within an hour, for less than $20.
Alabama A&M University Huntsville Research, Education Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU) is a historic, student-friendly and community-focused institution of higher learning. Reflecting on its heritage as a historical black college
Aviagen Group Huntsville Agbiotech, Chickens, Genomics, Agriculture Aviagen uses genomics information and selection techniques in poultry breeding.
Celsion Huntsville Oncology Heat-Activated Liposomal Technology, Oncology
CFD Research Corporation Huntsville Medical Devices, Antibiotics, Synthetic Biology The Life Sciences team at CFD Research Corporation creates new concepts, designs, and prototypes for military medicine and biomedical applications.
Concero Scientific, Inc. Huntsville Biosafety Concero Scientific's mission is safeguarding the Warfighter and the Homeland from biothreats by accelerating prevention, response and control solutions for infectious diseases and bioagents through
Diatherix Laboratories (Eurofins) Huntsville Infectious Disease, COVID-19 A unique laboratory providing accurate and actionable results in one day for infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance genes utilizing innovative molecular technologies, including proprietary TEM
Folio Conversant Huntsville Biospecimens, Biobanking, Laboratory Services Folio Conversant offers an extensive array of quality biospecimens, particularly FFPE tissue and blood, supported by comprehensive laboratory and analytic services.
Foresight Huntsville Enzymes, Glycobiology Foresight Biosciences focuses on glycobiology. The company is working to develop technologies that facilitate protein posttranslational modification, glycoconjugation and glycan analysis. These
Gene Capture Huntsville Infectious Disease, Point-of-Care Diagnostics Gene Capture is developing a rapid infection detection device for use in point of care medicine. Using a “Genetic Signature Probe” Gene Capture has been able to detect infectious pathogens in small
Hudson Alpha Huntsville Genomics, Research Hudson Alpha works to leverage the synergy between discovery, education, medicine, and economic development in genomic sciences to improve the human condition around the globe.
Hudson-Alpha Institute Education and Outreach Huntsville Education HudsonAlpha is inspiring and preparing society to embrace and use genomic information in their healthcare and agriculture. The Educational Outreach team is helping create a workforce for life science
iCubate Huntsville Molecular Diagnostics, PCR Cubate is a molecular diagnostic company with a novel multiplex polymerase chain reaction (mPCR) technology; an integrated platform for automated sample preparation, amplification and detection – the
ImiDomics Huntsville Diagnostics, Immunology, Inflammation Developing diagnostics for Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs).
iRepertoire Huntsville Immunology, Immunoprofiling, DNA Sequencing iRepertoire sells reagents and services for amplifying and sequencing the immune repertoire with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Their product is a novel, mulitplex PCR (mPCR) technology that uses
iXpressGenes Huntsville Proteomics, Enzymes, Protein Engineering, Laboratory Services, Synthetic Biology, Microbiology iXpressGenes is a synthetic biology company that specializes in protein services and instrumentation, and protein and genetic engineering research. The company has experience with extremozymes,
Kailos Genetics Huntsville Genetic Testing, Pharmacogenomics Founded in 2010, Kailos is a trusted provider of personalized health information. The company is dedicated to making gene-based healthcare available to YOU by using information learned from the Human
Kailos Genetics Inc Huntsville Pharmacogenomics, Genetic Testing Kailos is making gene-based healthcare available to the consumer by using information learned from the Human Genome Project. Kailos provides gene-based tests in order to help you understand what
Microarrays Inc Huntsville Laboratory Services, Microarrays, Diagnostics Microarrays, Inc. manufactures DNA and protein arrays.
Nektar Therapeutics Huntsville Small Molecules, Biologics, Immuno-oncology, Pain, Drug Discovery Nektar is a research-based development stage biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops new drugs to treat cancer, auto-immune disease and chronic pain.
New Century Pharmaceuticals Huntsville Structural Biology, Nanotechnology, Microgravity New Century Pharmaceuticals (NCP) is a biotechnology based pharmaceutical research and development company with expertise in structural molecular biology and nanomaterial engineering and an active
Par Pharmaceutical Huntsville Generics Par Pharmaceutical develops, manufactures, and markets safe, innovative and cost-effective generic pharmaceutical products.
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals (Endo) Huntsville Generics Generics
Rheumatology Associates of Northern Alabama Huntsville Clinical Research Clinical Research
Serina Therapeutics Huntsville Small Molecules, Drug Delivery Serina Therapeutics, Inc. has developed a proprietary drug delivery polymer technology based upon the polymer poly(2-oxazoline), or POZ™. The company is working to apply this platform to cancer, pain
transOMIC technologies Huntsville CRISPR, RNAi, Gene Expression, Yeast transOMIC technologies creates tools and resources to support research such as RNAi resources, CRISPR resources, Gene Expression resources, yeast resources, and more.
US Diagnostics Huntsville Drug Testing Drug Testing
H2-Pharma Montgomery Generics Generics
Kowa Pharmaceuticals (Alfresa Group) Montgomery Small Molecules Small Molecules
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