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Organization City Business Area(s) Description
Bayer Walpahu Biologics, Plant Breeding, Agriculture, Theranostics, Antibodies, BACE Biologics
Bayer Haleiwa Biologics, Plant Breeding, Agriculture, Theranostics, Antibodies, BACE Biologics
Bayer Kihei Biologics, Plant Breeding, Agriculture, Theranostics, Antibodies, BACE Biologics
Blue Ocean Barns Kailua-Kona Algae, Animal Nutrition, Aquaculture, Climate tech The company makes Brominata, a red seaweed-based supplement that allows cows to retain more energy from their feed instead of burping it into the atmosphere.
Blue Ocean Mariculture Kailua-Kona Marine Biotechnology, Fisheries, Aquaculture Blue Ocean Mariculture raises fish in the open ocean. The company raises kanpachi ( Seriola rivoliana ) in submersible sea pens off Keahole Point in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Cardax Pharma Honolulu Small Molecules, Inflammation, Therapeutics Small Molecules, astaxanthin, inflammation treatment
Cellana Kailua-Kona Algae, Nutritional Supplements, Agriculture, Nutraceuticals, Biofuels, Climate tech Makes products from algae, such as omega-3 oils, animal feed, and feedstocks for biofuel.
Clinical Labs of Hawaii Honolulu Laboratory Services, Drug Testing Clinical Labs of Hawaii offers a full range of clinical, anatomical, and drug testing for Hawaii's medical community.
Corteva Agriscience Waimea Agriculture, Agbiotech, Food, Plant Tissue Culture The company makes a Plenish, a high oleic acid soybean oil, with a longer shelf life and no trans fats.
Cyanotech Kailua-Kona Microbiology, Algae Cyanotech produces natural products from microalgae for health and nutrition. The company follows GMPs in producing dietary supplements such as astaxanthin and spirulina.
Cythera Pharmaceuticals Honolulu Autoimmunity, Cancer Therapeutics CyThera Pharmaceuticals is developing a potent and selective inhibitor of Kv1.3 ion channels to inhibit the activity of auto-reactive memory T cells.
Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. Honolulu Laboratory Diagnostics Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc., is a clinical testing laboratory in Hawaii.
Global Algae Lihue Algae Global Algae Innovations develops technologies designed to make algae production more efficient and consistent.
Hawaii Biotech Honolulu Vaccines Hawaii Biotech, Inc. (HBI) is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the research and development of vaccines for established and emerging infectious diseases.
John A. Burns School of Medicine Honolulu University, Research, Education The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is a medical education institution.
Kauai Coffee Company Kalaheo Coffee, Agriculture The company grows and manufactures coffee and researches different varieties of coffee plants.
Kuehnle Agrosystems Honolulu Algae, Chemicals, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Skin, Nutritional Supplements, Cosmetics Kuehnle Agrosystems researches, develops, and produces specialty chemicals and raw materials. Their customers are companies and brands that require sustainable plant-based ingredients for aqua feeds
Moana Technologies Kailua Kona Marine Biotechnology, Aquaculture The company produces Black Tiger Shrimp.
NextGen Laboratories Honolulu Pharmacogenomics, Toxicology, Infectious Disease, DNA Sequencing, Diagnostics, COVID-19 NextGen Labs leverages technical expertise wth decades of clinical implementation experience to achieve greater impact with our diagnostic testing.
Ocean Era Kailua-Kona Algae, Aquaculture, Climate tech Ocean Era remains committed to advancing the cause of healthy, responsible and sustainable mariculture in the USA. The company conducts research into alternative feeds that are focused on reducing
Oceanit Honolulu Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, COVID-19, Blood Oceanit develops new technologies in a wide range of areas. Some of their inventions include an anticoagulant to stop blood clotting, a wound dressing therapy that increases the rate of healing, a
Pacific Biodiesel Kahului Biofuels Produces fuel from vegetable oil and plant materials.
Shrimp Improvement Systems Kailua-Kona Aquaculture Shrimp Improvement Systems works on improving the breeding stocks of shrimp.
Symbrosia Kailua-Kona Algae, Animal Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements, Agbiotech, Climate tech The company is working with ranchers to use red algae as a feed additive. Including red algae reduces methane emissions from livestock by up to 90%.
Tissue Genesis Honolulu Stem Cells Adipose Cell Isolation
TrueTag Technologies Kapolei Cybersecurity, Therapeutics TruTag Technologies makes secure edible barcodes for tagging, tracking, and tracing drugs, life-critical consumables and other products. Their technology, TrueTags® are microscopic silica particles
United States Coast Guard Honolulu Marine Biotechnology, BACE The Coast Guard protects the U.S. border.
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