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Organization City Business Area(s) Description
13therapeutics Portland Peptides Peptide Therapeutics
Acumed Hillsboro Implants Medical Implants
Adidas Portland Algae, Shoes, Fashion, Apparel, Sporting goods, Consumer products, Climate tech Adidas makes sporting goods. Some of their running shoes are made with an algae-based foam. Producing the foam for one shoe helps to clean at least 30 liters of polluted lake water.
AgonOx Portland Antibodies, Immunology Monoclonal Antibody
Aronora Portland Antibodies, Enzymes Recombinant monoclonal antibodies and enzymes
Bend Biomedical Prineville Pharmaceuticals, Non-profit Bend Biomedical is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit global health pharmaceutical company. The company seeks to deliver high-quality, low-cost medicines to treat and prevent serious diseases in neglected
Bend Bioscience Bend Contract Development, Contract Manufacturing, Drug Delivery Bend Bioscience is a CDMO that specializes in particle engineering, drug delivery, drug development and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Biomed Diagnostics White City Diagnostics Diagnostics & Reagents
Biotronik Lake Oswego Medical Devices Pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, stents and remote patient management.
Birch Biosciences Portland Recycling, Enzymes, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, High-Throughput Screening, Plastic Birch Biosciences uses Artificial Intelligence, bioinformatics, and high-throughput screening techniques to effectively engineer enzymes for recycling plastic.
BSK Associates Beaverton Consulting BSK Associates provides engineering, sciences, and construction consulting services.
BT Biotech Eugene Medical Devices, Agriculture, Veterinary BT Biotech is a point of care, medical device company with a technology that makes medical testing simple accessible and affordable. Chlamydia abortus costs farmers over $1.1 Billion annually
Cascade Prodrug Eugene Small Molecules Small Molecules
Cromos Pharma Portlan Clinical Research Clinical Research
DCN Dx White City Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Contract Research, Contract Manufacturing From concept to commercialization, DCN Dx helps clients develop every aspect of today's high-performance point-of-use diagnostics.
DiabetOmics Hillsboro Diagnostics, Diabetes, Point-of-Care Diagnostics DiabetOmics, Inc. is a global medical diagnostics company pioneering non-invasive point-of-care tests for detecting and monitoring diabetes.
Eurofins Environmental Testing Corvallis Environmental Testing, BACE Eurofins Environment Testing (EET) delivers technical expertise and environmental analytical services to clients across the US.
Flora Research Laboratories Grants Pass Natural Products Founded in 1993, Flora Research Laboratories, LLC focused intensely on the authentication of natural plant derived essential oils in the aromatherapy, flavor and fragrance industry. Founded in 1993,
Floragenex Eugene DNA Sequencing Sequencing
FlowJo Ashland Data Analysis, Cytometry FlowJo® is the leading analysis platform for single-cell flow cytometry analysis, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of BD Biosciences.
Gadusol Laboratories Corvalis Skin, Synthetic Biology Developing new, effective & safe sunscreen ingredients derived from nature
Gamma Therapeutics Portland Diagnostics biopharmaceutical and diagnostic test solutions_
Genentech (Roche) Hillsboro Small Molecules, Biologics, Epigenetics, Cancer Therapeutics, Therapeutics Small Molecules, Biologics
Grace Bio-Labs Bend Biotechnology Products, Molecular Diagnostics Grace Bio-Labs designs and develops molecular diagnostics tools, services, and consumable products.
Health Technology Innovations Portland Structural Biology, Services Provides Cryo-EM services and is developing image processing software.
Health Wright Products Clackamas Nutritional Supplements, Contract Manufacturing Health Wright Products manufactures encapsulated vitamins and nutritional supplements.
Healthnotes Portland Regulatory Consulting Provide products to help the dietary supplement industry and retailers stay compliant.
Hemex Health Portland Diagnostics, Malaria, Sickle Cell */ Hemex Health will dramatically increase the odds for the successful diagnosis and treatment of two devastating diseases – malaria and sickle cell
Immunology Consultant Laboratory Portland Immunology, Immunoassays, Antibodies Immunology Consultants Laboratory, Inc, is a company dedicated to the production of the highest quality primary and secondary antibodies, immunoassays, antigens, and reference standards on a
InVivo Biosystems Eugene Gene Editing, CRISPR, Contract Research, Animal Models InVivo Biosystems creates custom genome-edited C. elegans and zebrafish models to enable aging, developmental, and disease studies.
Lonza Bend Contract Manufacturing, COVID-19, Cell Culture, Nutrition, Ingredients Lonza manufactures ingredients for customers in pharma, biotech and nutrition markets. The company has over 30 sites worldwide with over 16,000 employees.
Marker Gene Technologies Eugene Reagents Research Products
MolecularMD (Icon) Portland Molecular Diagnostics Molecular Diagnostics
Monrovia Plants Dayton Plants, Plant Tissue Culture Monrovia produces plants for homes and gardens.
Mycorrhizal Applications Grants Pass Fungi, Agbiotech, Agriculture Mycorrhizal Applications manufactures and supplys mycorrhizal inoculant products and ingredients, and researches, produces, and markets mycorrhizal fungi which accelerate plant vigor by greatly
Najit Technologies Beaverton Vaccines Vaccines
North American Plants Lafayette Plants, Plant Tissue Culture, Micropropagation North American Plants, INC offers high-quality starts of desirable shade trees, shrubs, vines, rootstocks and nut and berry varieties, all propagated in tissue culture.
OMIC USA Portland Laboratory Services, Analytical Services OMICS USA is an independent laboratory that offers testing services for allergens, chemical Residue, DNA/GMO, FDA Import Detention Testing, food safety, inspection services, microbiology, mycotoxins
OncoCell MDx Corvallis Immunoprofiling OncoCellMDx is a privately held company developing diagnostic tests based on a noninvasive blood-based immuno-genomic assays that will aid the physician to better understand the underlying pathology.
Oregon Bioscience Incubator (OBI) Portland Incubators and Accelerators The Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute (OTRADI) was initiated in 2007 with a mission to translate scientific research developed in the state of Oregon’s research laboratories
Oregon Health & Sciences University Portland Pharmacogenomics, University, Research, COVID-19 Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research
Oregon Health and Science University Portland University, Research OHSU is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research.
Oregon State University Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing (CGRB) Corvallis University, Genomics, Research, DNA Sequencing The Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing facilitates genome-enabled and data-driven research in the life and environmental sciences at OSU and across the state. The Center offers leadership,
Pacific Biodiesel Salem Biofuels Produces fuel from vegetable oil and plant materials.
Pacific Diabetes Technologies Portland Diabetes Pacific Diabetes is actively developing an integrated solution for glucose sensing and insulin delivery
PDx Pharmaceuticals Portland Xenografts, Nanoparticles, Vaccines, RNAi, RNA PDx Pharmaceuticals combines expertise in nanotechnology and cancer systems biology to develop novel therapeutics based on nanoparticle platforms for co-delivery of siRNA, drugs, vaccines, and/or
Phylos Bioscience Portland Cannabis, Genetic Testing Phylos Genotype is a revolutionary genetic identity test for cannabis
Phytelligence Portland Agriculture, Plant Growth, Seed Treatment, Agbiotech, Plant Tissue Culture, Micropropagation Phytelligence improves the growth of trees by using a nutrient gel to protect seeds. ​
plasmidsaurus Eugene Plasmids, DNA Sequencing, Service provider, Synthetic Biology plasmidsaurus provides fast, full-length plasmid sequencing.
Providence Cancer Institute Portland Cancer, Immunotherapy Providence Health & Services in Oregon is a not-for-profit Catholic network of hospitals, care centers, health plans, physicians, clinics, home health care and affiliated services.
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