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Organization City Business Area(s) Description
Alltech St. Albans Veterinary, Nutritional Supplements, Agriculture Alltech is a leading global biotechnology company that manufactures innovative supplements for animal health and nutrition.
Biomosaics Burlington Antibodies, Immunology Antibodies, Immunoassays, Small Molecule
BioTek Instruments Winooski Imaging Imaging; Instruments
Charles River Laboratories East Thetford Contract Services, Microbiology, Animal Models, Toxicology, Drug Discovery, Antibodies The company provides a wide range of drug discovery, manufacturing, testing, and support services including: Animal models, Antibody Discovery, Genetically Engineered Model Services, Drug discovery,
Haemtech Biopharma Services Essex Junction Contract Biologics Contract Biologics Research & Development
Laborie Williston Medical Devices Founded in 1967 by a pioneer in urodynamics, Ray Laborie. Laborie works in urology, urogynecology, colorectal and gastroenterology.
Mylan St Albans Generics, Biosimilars Develop and market generic and biosimilar drugs. Locations throughout the world.
Stromatec_ Burlington Instrumentation Measurement technologies
University of Vermont Cancer Center DNA Analysis Facility Burlington DNA Sequencing, PCR, Genotyping The DNA Analysis Facility at the University of Vermont Cancer Center, part of the Vermont Integrative Genomics Resource (VIGR), provides a wide array of efficient, user friendly, and affordable DNA
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