Workplace Navigation Training - Managing Expectations - Asking for & Obtaining Feedback

Fri February 17, 2023

Student and mentor

These workshops provide students, trainees, and employees with the knowledge, skills, support and clarity they need to effectively assess and successfully navigate any lab environment and achieve their professional and career goals.

All Community College Students, Faculty, and Alumni are welcome to attend. You can attend one workshop or attend them all!

Jan 20th:  Establishing Yourself in a New Position

Free Interactive Zoom Workshops
All Workshop Dates and Topics

  • Friday, December 9th 4-6pm PT - Utilizing an Interview to Determine a “Good Fit”
  • Friday, January 20th 4-6pm PT- Establishing Yourself in a New Position
  • Friday, February 17th 4-6pm PT - Managing Expectations: Asking for & Obtaining Feedback
  • Friday, March 10th 4-6pm PT - Negotiating for What You Need

Format: All interactive Zoom workshops

You can also find strategies and tools to implement today at Building Inclusive Labs. This NSF ATE Project is a collaboration between the Biotechnology Program at City College of San Francisco and the Office of Career Planning and Development at the University of California, San Francisco. This work is funded by the National Science Foundation through NSF DUE #2055735, 2055309