Photo journals related to Cell culture

Lena Bengtsson graduated from the Biotechnology program at City College of San Francisco where she received  certificates in Bio-manufacturing, Biotechnology, Biotechnology Lab Assistant, Stem Cell Technology, Completed a CIRM funded Stem Cell Trainee program and received an Associates Degree in Biotechnology.  She currently works for the University of California, San Francisco as a Staff Research Assistant.Read more

Mitch Kane is a graduate of the Shoreline Community College Biotechnology Lab Specialist Certificate program. He works at Fred Hutch in Seattle, WA in a lab that studies cord blood stem cells. He regularly uses skills like cell isolation, staining, and counting, prepares solutions and plans experiments.  Read more

We culture human B cells for DNA and cell lines, here I am getting ready to take these cultures for DNA. Each culture represents a unique individual and each of my technicians (and myself) tend to have anywhere from 100-150 cultures growing at any one time.

Jenna Gravley is the Research Technician Supervisor for the Research Cell Bank at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She is a graduate of the  Shoreline Community College, Biotechnology Lab Specialist program. Below, Jenna describes the skills she uses regularly and the responsibilities of her position.  Read more

Seravin Behnken is the Lab Supervisor at the cell culture core lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. She graduated from the Shoreline Community College Biotechnology Lab Specialist program and holds an A.S. in Biotechnology. Below, she describes bringing a detail-oriented approach to supervise the lab and oversee projects and orders.  Read more

Milana Cypert, Research Associate at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), describes her work and shares a typical day.  Read more

Austin Storck has been working as an intern at Mirius Bio LLC.  We asked Austin some questions about his work and his training.  Read more