Careers related to Quality control

Chemistry Quality Control teams perform daily bench work. To meet required levels of quality, they test all raw materials, packing materials, and finished products according to standard operating procedures (SOPs). Technicians operate sophisticated test equipment and use advanced computers to ... Read more

Workers in bioscience facilities and research environments can be exposed to a variety of chemical, biological or physical hazards as they perform daily tasks. Government agencies strictly enforce regulations related to workplace safety, health and the environment. Environmental Health and ... Read more

Environmental science and protection technicians monitor the environment and investigate sources of pollution and contamination, including those affecting health.

Environmental science and protection technicians typically inspect establishments, including public places and businesses, to ... Read more

Facilities Technicians are responsible for the operation and maintenance of biomanufacturing buildings and equipment. They monitor operations daily. They oversee systems that include heating, lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing, water purification, air filtering, and electrical ... Read more

These jobs are for people who like to work with electronic equipment and are interested in biotechnology. Instrumentation technicians calibrate mechanical and laboratory instruments throughout the biomanufacturing facility. They must be able to understand, calibrate and validate instruments that ... Read more

Downstream processes are those in  which the products are harvested, tested, purified and packaged.

Upstream processes are those in which biological materials are either obtained from an outside source or inoculated and grown in culture, under controlled conditions, to manufacture ... Read more

Microbial contaminants can enter a biomanufacturing production system and impact the product outcomes. Microbiology Quality Control Technicians must understand, monitor and prevent these impurities. Daily team protocols must be followed to control environmental factors and maintain sterility. ... Read more

Documentation is critically important in biomanufacturing. Well-defined production Standard Operating Procedure documents enable consistent manufacture of the product as intended. Documentation not only helps make sure tasks and duties are standardized and adequately understood by all - it also ... Read more

Quality control technicians test materials before, during, and after production to measure the characteristics of materials and ensure that they conform to specifications.

They are responsible for inspecting and testing the raw materials and products to make sure they meet ... Read more

Validation Specialists (also known as Validation Technicians) participate in validation, temperature mapping, and calibration activities.  They measure instrument or software performance to determine if tools are performing as described.  They often establish and maintain methods to control the ... Read more