Videos Related to Genomics

At an NBC2 program Mary Goyette explained her role as a Technical Research Associate analyzing quantitative data sets. She talks about her work in collaborations with MGH, Harvard and MIT on genotype research, including focused projects on cholera and cardiovascular medicine.

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Learn about pathways to a career in the lab.  We visit Research Methods in Molecular Biology to learn what molecular biology in a company may involve and the skills that are used.  

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Learn how PCR has been used to solve crimes.

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The field of Genomics is growing at more than an exponential rate. Find out about the Merritt Genomics program located at Merritt College in Oakland, California, where you can learn valuable skills to prepare for a career in this emerging field.Read more

In this video we hear from a Lab Technician and a Lab Assistant. Nykole Sargent and Michelle Done both work at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and they talk about their work studying colon cancer. They show us how they measure gene expression to look for differences between normal cells and colon ... Read more

What is it like to work at a biotech company like Lucigen?    Lucigen develops products for Next Generation DNA Sequencing, cloning, and protein expression.  Jeff Williams and Kristin Terry tell us about Lucigen.  

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