Plant biotechnology

Biotechnology is used in many ways in the agriculture and horiticulture industries.  Orchids have become a common site in many grocery stores because they can be grown on a large scale through biotechnology methods such as tissue culture.  Other plants are rapidly increasing production of food products such as corn and wheat because biotechnology methods have improved crop screening and seed development. 

Plants can also be genetically engineered to improve their resistance to disease and ability to tolerate conditions such as cold and drought.

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These positions are for people who like to work with plants, enjoy being more outdoors, but also like to understand science.  They care for plants that have been created through genetic engineering and have to understand how to plant seeds, pollinate flowers, water and weed plant beds, plant ... Read more

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Plant tissue culture technicians work in laboratory environments and use aseptic (sterile) technique to propagate plants.

The process of growing plants in vitro is also known as micropropagation.  Plant tissue culture technicians perform micropropagation by taking clippings ... Read more

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Plant tissue culture is used by many companies and nurseries to propagate plants in a disease-free environment. Technicians who work in this area use many biotechnology skills.

We just posted a new career description for plant tissue culture technicians . Plant tissue culture technicians work in companies and nurseries to propagate plants in a sterile environment. There ... Read more

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One of the themes of the recent @synbiobeta #sbbsf17 annual meeting (Oct 4,5 2017) was the impact of synthetic biology on making new things or making old things in new ways. From cement to food, synthetic biology is causing people to rethink the way things are made. One of the most interesting ideas is the notion of using synthetic biology ... Read more

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Jonathan Woo graduated from the Bio-Link Bridge to Bioscience Program at the City College of San Francisco. He currently works as a Student Assistant at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.Read more

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Students travel to biotechnology centers in North Carolina to learn how biotechnology can help solve global problems.

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In plant biotechnology, technicians may use tissue culture to propagate and grow plants.

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