Biofuel Technician

Biofuel technicians carry out work involved in producing biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Fast Facts & Skills


Education & Training: 

A two year Associates degree is often sufficient.  

Commonly requested abilities:

  • Able to lift 50 lbs
  • Manufacturing, industrial, or agricultural experience
  • Mechanical abilities

Biofuel technicians work with fermenters, distillation systems, grain preparation, algae culture, oil chemistry, and separations technology.

They can work independently, or under supervision, and they may also supervise manufacturing assistants. Since manufacturing work may occur round the clock so this work may take place during daytime or night shifts.

Biofuel technicians have a key role in operating production plants. They often control the process of turning raw material into finished goods. They start up and shut down production lines while paying attention to safety. They monitor control panels and gauges on key equipment at the plant, take samples regularly, test for quality, and make process adjustments based on the results.

They need to verify that equipment is properly locked out for repairs and perform preventative maintenance duties such as lubricating machinery. They may also help with cleaning processing equipment as part of a weekly schedule.

Where to Work and Learn

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InnovATEBIO programs offer degrees, certificates, or teach skills in these related areas.

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