Chemistry Quality Control Technician

Chemistry Quality Control teams perform daily bench work. To meet required levels of quality, they test all raw materials, packing materials, and finished products according to standard operating procedures (SOPs). Technicians operate sophisticated test equipment and use advanced computers to track and monitor data. They run regular inspection checks and carefully document the results.

Different analysts rotate through different jobs, conducting different quality tests during each phase of the manufacturing process. Technicians inspect raw materials and equipment parts received from suppliers. Others test materials during the manufacturing process; others the completed products. Chemistry Quality Control Technicians write, document and update their inspection procedures, checklists and results as required. The job demands working knowledge of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

Quality Control Technicians are expected to get involved, take charge of situations and confront business-related problems in the production system intelligently. They investigate problems, troubleshoot, analyze, and issue resolutions as required. Team members work together to develop individual capabilities and help others on the team improve their capabilities.

Fast Facts

Starting wage (hourly): 

    $19 - $24 per hour

Starting wage (yearly): 
Education & Training: 

Position requirements range from two-year degrees to four-year degrees; however most employers prefer a two-year degree in a scientific discipline plus two-five years of experience in a research laboratory or process development environment.  Further training by the technician can be obtained with a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree from a college or university in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or microbiology.

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