Greenhouse or Field Technician

These positions are for people who like to work with plants, enjoy being more outdoors, but also like to understand science.  They care for plants that have been created through genetic engineering and have to understand how to plant seeds, pollinate flowers, water and weed plant beds, plant rooted plants, nurture root cuttings, treat plants for disease and pest infestation, and be able to use a computer for documentation purposes. They can work in a greenhouse and or out in the fields and may need experience with farm equipment. Employers hire people with two year degrees in plant science, crop science or botany, or four year people with degrees in agriculture, agronomy, plant science, biology or botany. 

Fast Facts

Starting wage (hourly): 

    $19 - $24 per hour

Starting wage (yearly): 
Minimum education: 

InnovATEBIO programs offer degrees, certificates, or teach skills in these related areas.

Hear from the pros: 

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