Purification Technician

Purification technicians purify proteins using column chromatography, HPLC, FPLC, and monitor purity using fluorescence technologies, SDS-PAGE and Western Blot Analysis.  Technicians use these techniques to perform experiments to develop and validate chromatographic and other analytical methods for pharmaceutical and other area materials.  Technicians are expected to initiate and complete routine procedures, troubleshoot scientific problems, interpret outcome of experiments in an independent and efficient manner.  They also need to maintain a proper labbook, write protocols, SOP’s, and provide input to supervisors.  They must comply with applicable regulations in areas such as GMP, GLP, ICH, EPA, and OSHA.

Education & Training: 

Technicians should have at least a two year degree applied degree or 4-year degree in Biology or related program.

InnovATEBIO programs offer degrees, certificates, or teach skills in these related areas.