Quality Control (QC) Technician

Quality control technicians test materials before, during, and after production to measure the characteristics of materials and ensure that they conform to specifications.

They are responsible for inspecting and testing the raw materials and products to make sure they meet required levels of quality. People in these positions need to be detail oriented, willing to keep excellent records, and have good communication skills. Those with good laboratory skills and manufacturing or laboratory experience are more likely to get the best jobs and the best salary.  Since QC is involved at every stage of manufacturing, they can be employed in a variety of locations in a large company or be versatile if employed at a small company.  Some QC technicians work a standard 40-hour workweek while others, especially in large companies like Genentech, may share a position that operates 24/7 and therefore shift work is common. Salaries for these positions can increase up to $60,000.

Education & Training: 

Most employers prefer applicants to have a four-year degree and one to two years of experience but this is changing, if the two-year educational program targets the necessary knowledge, and laboratory skills for these positions. Some employers prefer to hire quality control technicians who are certified (i.e. American Society for Quality). 

InnovATEBIO programs offer degrees, certificates, or teach skills in these related areas.