Technical Services Representative

Technical service representatives assist customers with instruments or reagents that they have purchased from companies that provide scientific products or services.  

Fast Facts & Skills


Education & Training: 

Usually this job only goes to a person with a 4 year degree but this is changing, based on the knowledge base and skills acquired by a student in a two year program. Also, it is typical that this person started in the company as a laboratory technician and is promoted to this position. 

Technical services representatives help customers in industry, research, and science education communities.  They spend much of their time on the phone and computer answering customer questions about the products or services provided by their company. 

People in technical service positions should enjoy communicating with people via email or the telephone, and enjoy solving problems.  This is a very important job because the service representative is often the first person that a customer contacts when they have a question or problem with a product. Sometimes these people also work with the sales and marketing staff and visit customers to demonstrate products or help set them up for the customer.  Since it is important that this person stay current with company products, he or she are expected to attend meetings on product updates and training for new products. A representative usually works in an office environment, and if the person is required to set up equipment for a customer, travel is required.  The working hours are usually a normal 40-hour work week.

Alternative job title:  Customer service representative, Customer support

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