Research Associate II, Assay Development

Destiny shares her career journey from Valencia College to Resilience.

What biotechnology program did you attend?
I attended the Biotechnology program at Valencia College in Florida. 

What degrees or certificates have you completed?
I completed the Biotechnician Assistant Credential Exam (BACE) from Biotility.

Asking a question at the InnovATEBIO Envisioning Bioscience Summit.

What can you tell us about your career path?
I worked as a Laboratory Assistant preparing lab supplies for and helping students with lab procedures.
I did an internship are part of the biotech program at Valencia and helped prepare an article for publication.

After graduating, I worked as a technician for Aventus Biolabs where I rose to department supervisor and worked on a Next Generation Sequencing assay for patient samples.

I moved to Brammer Bio/Thermo Fisher where I was promoted from Technician II to Scientist I.

In 2021, I moved to National Resilience Biotechnologies, a biomanufacturing company, where I specialize in laboratory automation.

What do you do for your job?

  • Designing SOPs and test records and training scientists on execution
  • Programming Robotics for HT testing
  • Implementation of Automated systems
  • Analytics for Vaccine and Biologic platforms