Instructor, Biomanufacturing Technology

Organization: San Jacinto College

Houston TX



  • Keeps up with developments in the field of study. 
  • Demonstrates high standards—academic and professional. 
  • Evaluate student work constructively and provide timely feedback. 
  • Teaches at times and locations that meet student needs. 
  • Provides access to students through posted conference hours, electronic communications, and other appropriate methods and responds to inquiries in a timely manner. 
  • Reviews, evaluates and recommends student learning materials. 
  • Develops and uses a syllabus and course information materials for each course, laboratory, or clinical setting within state, college, and departmental guidelines. 

Professional Development: 

  • Maintains high standards of competence in the discipline(s) and teaching methodologies through professional development activities. 
  • Plans, develops, and uses effective teaching methods and materials that assist students in meeting course objectives, are appropriate for students with diverse educational and experiential backgrounds and learning styles, and engage the students in learning. 
  • Develops, reviews, evaluates, reflects, and revises program curricula and teaching methods through a self-evaluation process of self- reflection. 
  • Meets or exceeds professional standards, state-mandated guidelines, requirements of business/industry, and higher education, as appropriate to the discipline. 


  • Actively participates in college meetings and/or committees, task forces, and councils. 
  • Participates in college-related activities such as registration, community education, recruitment of students, student retention, and faculty selection. 
  • Participates in college activities for students/student organizations to aid in retention. 
  • Participates in business and community activities that foster goodwill and promote the mission and values of the college. 
  • Participates in activities required to maintain program and college accreditation standards. 
  • Participates in setting departmental goals, developing college budgets that support the goals, and planning for achieving those goals. 
  • Promotes and maintains departmental affiliation agreements and other partnerships with other institutions.

Additional Duties:

  • Development and delivery of teaching material including lectures, practical content, and  equipment/supply procurement for bioprocessing operations.
  • Design and delivery of customized training materials to specific corporate clients.
  • Measurement of teaching effectiveness through the use of a variety of assessment tools.
  • Self-directed learning to ensure current knowledge of bioprocessing and an awareness of industry trends and advances.
  • Ensuring safe operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment.
  • Mentoring new instructors and support their induction into the department.
  • Meet the need of regional training needs by maintaining currency through interaction with industry partners.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Knowledge, skills, abilities, and certifications relative to teaching areas, as applicable.
  •  Detailed practical knowledge of bioprocessing manufacturing operations is essential for this role. 
  • Specific experience in upstream and downstream processing in the biomanufacturing industry
  • General knowledge of cell start-up, scale-up, and banking and required Aseptic Manipulations performed under a Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Familiar with mammalian cell lines such as CHO-S, HEK-293, and/or PG-13
  • Understanding of basic cleanroom operations and requirements
  • Understanding of basic Final Filling operations, such as Aseptic Processing Simulations, Fill Qualifications, Gowning, and Environmental Monitoring.


  • Associate degree in applicable field.
  • 3-5 years' work experience in Biomanufacturing / Bioprocessing Technology. 


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field with significant industry experience including supervisory role is a plus.
  • Specific knowledge and skills in downstream processing of biologics ( chromatography, filtration and ultrafiltration, TFF systems, etc.)

Note: Faculty are assigned to teach courses using various delivery methods based on the teaching area and the needs of students and the College, which may require a physical presence at the assigned on-site work location

Salary Grade: BACH

Salary is based on the Board-approved salary schedule for the current fiscal year. See Salary Schedule

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Posting Close Date: 11/17/2023