Wayfinder Biosciences has developed a platform for designing custom RNA molecules and is making these RNA molecules for customers.

One RNA molecule can act as a biosensor and create light in the presence of riboflavin. Another way these ... View the video

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Aja Labs is creating biodegradable hair from plant fibers that behaves just like human hair. To do this, they are using polymer engineering and bioengineering to produce a sustainable and non-toxic product. Their Demo Day video from IndieBio, a ... View the video

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By: Sandra Porter

A Zika virus researcher at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center loads samples into a microcentrifuge. Credit: NIAID

Biotechnology is an area ripe for entrepreneurs. New start up companies are forming all the time in biotech driven by boundless energy and exciting ideas. In this series, we'll be highlighting interesting start-up companies and show you some of the interesting projects that start up companies are taking on.


Creating better hair with ... Read more

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