Videos about Careers in Biotechnology

A video about using the Biotech-Careers website. It was developed for a BETA Skills virtual workshop (held June 9, 15, 16th 2021).Watch the video

About Biotech Careers
About Biotech Careers

A video that was prepared to showcase the site at the virtual NSF-ATE (National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education) ... Watch the video

A student learns about biotechnology at Del Mar College and falls in love. This video tells his story. The video was produced by Andrea ... Watch the video

What is like to work in an animal research facility?

Used with permission from NCABR .Watch the video

Careers for Community College graduates in aquaculture and marine biosciences. Aquaculture includes growing alligators, catfish, bait, ... Watch the video

Dallas Hanks, a graduate student at Utah State University, and Bioenergy Agronomist with Blue Cow, Inc., tells us about growing non- ... Watch the video

Learn about making biofuels from algae and career opportunities.

We thank the ... Watch the video

Quincy College’s Biotechnology and Good Manufacturing Practice certificate and degree program offers hands-on experience with state-of- ... Watch the video

Learn how biomanufacturing is used in producing drugs.

We thank ATETV for permission to use ... Watch the video

Many biotechnology products are grown in living cells.

We thank ATETV for permission to use ... Watch the video A Model Career Website for the Skilled Technical Workforce - presented that the annual NSF ATE HI-TEC conference ... Watch the video

Learn how biotechnology and biomanufacturing are used in producing drugs.

We thank ATETV for ... Watch the video