Videos about Careers in Biotechnology

What kinds of jobs are available for cell culture technicians? What new opportunities involve stem cells? Learn about more about cell ... Watch the video

Pictorial overview of working environments in California biotechnology companies

Video produced by CACT (Center for Applied ... Watch the video

Some community colleges, such as Southwestern College, in San Diego, work with high schools to offer dual-enrollment classes where high ... Watch the video

What is the outlook like for biotechnology jobs? Over 500 companies in San Diego need entry level biotechnicians. Learn how Southwestern ... Watch the video

Community College students in North Carolina talk about their careers in bioprocessing.

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Three panelists talk about careers for community college graduates in clinical research.

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Learn about careers in biomanufacturing and environmental science.

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This video shows one of the techniques used in culturing cells. This video is used with permission from the ... Watch the video

Learn what students do in community college biotechnology programs. A student at Great Bay Community College shows us the fun he's ... Watch the video

Bryan Kluever, Utah State University, research biologist and contractor, shows us a kit fox den, demonstrates how he installs cameras ... Watch the video

At an NBC2 program Cybelle Mandigo describes how Downstream Manufacturing Technicians harvest and purify recombinant proteins, or other ... Watch the video

Biomanufacturing Validation Specialist job details and motivations were presented by Dennis Woodby at an NBC2 program, including the ... Watch the video