Videos about Careers in Biotechnology

Laboratory Animal Veterinarians provide daily care for research animals, while assisting with research projects that benefits humans and ... Watch the video

What is like to work with and care for research animals?

Used with permission from NCABR ... Watch the video

At an NBC2 program Mary Goyette explained her role as a Technical Research Associate analyzing quantitative data sets. She talks about ... Watch the video

Working ten hour shifts, four days a week Jen Pachas outlined her interesting activities as a Microbiology QC Technician at an NBC2 ... Watch the video

Details about entering the industry, including the job search, interview, hiring and orientation processes, were shared by Upstream ... Watch the video

With eight years experience working as a Manufacturing Technician-Downstream Michael Onufrak brought insight into the fast-paced, 24/7 ... Watch the video

Biomanufacturing Validation Specialist job details and motivations were presented by Dennis Woodby at an NBC2 program, including the ... Watch the video

At an NBC2 program Jen Plouffe described her work as a Process Development Associate, including day-to-day working conditions, how she ... Watch the video

How Validation Specialists prepare biomanufacturing facilities for FDA inspections was among numerous topics Victoria Kelley covered in ... Watch the video

At an NBC2 program Cybelle Mandigo describes how Downstream Manufacturing Technicians harvest and purify recombinant proteins, or other ... Watch the video

Pictorial overview of working environments in California biotechnology companies

Video produced by CACT (Center for Applied ... Watch the video

Bryan Kluever, Utah State University, research biologist and contractor, shows us a kit fox den, demonstrates how he installs cameras ... Watch the video