Videos about Careers in Biotechnology

Jeanne Baker and Aaron Peterson, from NuSkin, tell us about their work. Jeanne, a Formulation and Documentation Technician , tells us ... Watch the video

Mike Burdick, the Reagent Formulation Manager at Idaho Technology, tells us about his work managing a team of people manufacturing ... Watch the video

In this video we hear from a Lab Technician and a Lab Assistant. Nykole Sargent and Michelle Done both work at the Huntsman Cancer ... Watch the video

Sabrina Aderibigbe talks about studying biotechnology in high school and Colby West tells us what it's like to teach biotechnology to ... Watch the video

Dallas Hanks, a graduate student at Utah State University, and Bioenergy Agronomist with Blue Cow, Inc., tells us about growing non- ... Watch the video

Jen Hajj, Education Director from Hawkwatch International, shows us some red tailed hawks and talks about studying hawk migration ... Watch the video

Christine Roberts, a Lead Manufacturing Technician , and Lumyai Chiv, an Electromechanical Technician , from World Heart Corp, talk ... Watch the video

Aldo Martinez, a Manufacturing Supervisor at USANA Health Sciences, talks about manufacturing nutraceuticals.

We thank ... Watch the video

Paul Murphy, a Quality Engineer with Idaho Technology, Inc., talks about working on instruments that use PCR based technologies to ... Watch the video

Internships are a standard part of community college biotechnology and environmental technology programs. Learn what these internships ... Watch the video

Many people working in biotechnology complete both a four year degree and a two year degree in biotechnology at a community college. ... Watch the video

Some community colleges, such as Southwestern College, in San Diego, work with high schools to offer dual-enrollment classes where high ... Watch the video