Videos about Careers in Biotechnology

What is like to work with and care for research animals?

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Laboratory Animal Veterinarians provide daily care for research animals, while assisting with research projects that benefits humans and ... Watch the video

Jeanne Baker and Aaron Peterson, from NuSkin, tell us about their work. Jeanne, a Formulation and Documentation Technician , tells us ... Watch the video

Christine Roberts, a Lead Manufacturing Technician , and Lumyai Chiv, an Electromechanical Technician , from World Heart Corp, talk ... Watch the video

Mike Burdick, the Reagent Formulation Manager at Idaho Technology, tells us about his work managing a team of people manufacturing ... Watch the video

Aldo Martinez, a Manufacturing Supervisor at USANA Health Sciences, talks about manufacturing nutraceuticals.

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At an NBC2 program Mary Goyette explained her role as a Technical Research Associate analyzing quantitative data sets. She talks about ... Watch the video

What does media preparation involve?

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With eight years experience working as a Manufacturing Technician-Downstream Michael Onufrak brought insight into the fast-paced, 24/7 ... Watch the video

Learn about pathways to a career in the lab. We visit Research Methods in Molecular Biology to learn what molecular biology in a company ... Watch the video

Learn how PCR has been used to solve crimes.

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What's like to work in process development?

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