Videos about Careers in Biotechnology

What's it like to work in quality assurance?

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What's like to work in quality control?

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Biotechnology can be a second career for people who like science and want to be part of an interesting community.

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In this video we hear from a Lab Technician and a Lab Assistant. Nykole Sargent and Michelle Done both work at the Huntsman Cancer ... Watch the video

A video about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine supply chain. It was developed for a BETA Skills virtual workshop (held June 28, 2021).Watch the video

Sabrina Aderibigbe talks about studying biotechnology in high school and Colby West tells us what it's like to teach biotechnology to ... Watch the video

What is it like to work at a biotech company like Lucigen? Lucigen develops products for Next Generation DNA Sequencing, cloning, and ... Watch the video

Learn about the biotechnology program at Southwestern College, San Diego.

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In plant biotechnology, technicians may use tissue culture to propagate and grow plants.

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What's like to work as a validation specialist?

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How Validation Specialists prepare biomanufacturing facilities for FDA inspections was among numerous topics Victoria Kelley covered in ... Watch the video

This virtual tour shows the inside of a new diagnostic facility at Washington State University. The Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic ... Watch the video